Steve Wyer

Steve Wyer’s career as a businessman and entrepreneur has spanned more than thirty years. His professional memberships have included the National Association of Securities Dealers, The Mortgage Bankers Association, The Direct Marketing Association, American Teleservices Association, The Debt Buyers Association and the eMarketing Association. Steve Wyer has founded companies that provided services to the nation’s largest financial institutions, managed almost a billion dollars of consumer debt and been recognized as a leader within several industries. Steve Wyer has fought the Securities Exchange Commission for almost a decade over charges leveled against him. These unfounded allegations found their way to the Internet and profoundly impacted his professional and personal life. Since then Steve Wyer has discovered that he is not alone . . . that there are millions of people that have been violated online.

“Today, the level of negative information, slander, half truths and spin is out of control,” says Steve Wyer. “Negative information found on the Internet impacts every area of life, and yet there is little that most people can do to correct it. It is unbelievable what this type of information is doing to the fabric of our society. A great man once said that a good reputation is hard earned over a lifetime but it can be gone in the blink of an eye.” Steve Wyer notes that a disgruntled employee, a customer having a bad day, a frivolous lawsuit, envy, anger, even lust – it all has an unfiltered outlet through the Internet and the damage is hard to manage.

As the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, Steve Wyer now helps professionals and businesses worldwide reclaim their reputations and credibility. Steve Wyer is the author of Violated Online, a gripping book that delves into the stories behind online slander. Violated Online ( offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack. The book has opened up speaking opportunities throughout North America and now Wyer juggles the demands of overseeing a thriving business, setting aside time for his next book and the demands of travel.

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